Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Phoeby!

Our precious Phoeby Gayle turned 4 years old on March 1st, 2013. She had a fun "Dora themed" birthday party with family and friends. Her big brothers and sisters dressed up as Dora characters which made it an even more fun, interactive party. Check our photos from this fun day!

Phoeby's siblings put their money together to buy fabric and make her a Dora fleece pillow and blanket for her birthday! They were so proud of doing it and had fun too!

Our friend, Janice Zima, came over to make Phoeby spaghetti (Filipino style) for her birthday lunch, which included pasta, tomato sauce with sweetened condensed milk, and hot dog and ground beef. 
Can you tell that Phoeby liked it?

Phoeby opened up some presents from family members earlier in the day.

She was so excited when Mommy brought home her cake for the party!

We had a Dora themed party and her brothers and sisters dressed up as characters, which they made costumes for: Duan was Dora's friend, Emily as Tico the squirrel, Stephen was Swiper the Fox, Christian was Boots the Monkey, Liz was Isa the Iguana, and of course, Phoeby was Dora. 
She even looks like Dora!

Even 92-year-old Great Grandma, who lives next to us, came for the party! Her highlight was hearing Phoeby sing "Jesus Loves Me" on stage in the basement for the Dora concert.

Friends at the party coloring together. 

Tico (Emily) helps run the Dora game to find the "ticket" to go on their Dora Adventure...

First, they had to go through the Balloon Forest...

Then they went to Pinata Mountain where they found Boots in a "tree."

Each girl got their turn at trying to "crack open" the pinata, which was very hard to do. 
Here's Duan giving it her best shot!

Finally, they made it to the Dora rock concert. 

They helped Isa find the microphones to sing and dance at the concert. They also sung Happy Birthday to Phoeby and a few other songs they knew like, "Jesus Loves Me."

 Time for cake and ice cream!

Happy 4th Birthday Phoeby!

Yummy! Phoeby decided she really only wanted the ice cream even though she was SO excited about her cake! She is an ice cream girl for sure...only chocolate too!

Benny the Bull (aka Leah Macy) was great at scooping ice cream for the party! 
Even though it was as hard as rocks!

Time for presents!!! Phoeby got her wish...many presents!

She gave hugs to everyone. Here is Phoeby giving a hug to her friend, Macey. 

Happy Birthday, sweet 4 year old Phoeby!!

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